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Akne tedavisi nedir

Acne is a common problem that many people face in their life time, especially in adolosence and puberty.


It is a scientifically proven truth that sunlight has damaging effects to the skin in its direct contact.


Skin wrinkles are caused by loss of skin tension in time and are considered as a sign of old age.


Elastin allows stretching and exists in the natural structure of the skin. When elastin is damaged cracks are created.


As with various skin problems, skin wrinkles also begin to appear in the human body with age.


People have been tattooing their bodies since ancient times. At the same time, people are trying so hard to remove those tattoos.


Face lifting by using rope techniques have been increasingly used in recent years.


Human skin is constantly changing over time, and as a result of the natural effect of age, wrinkles increase.


Peeling is the process of removing and cleaning the dead layer and cells from the skin, which becomes a layer on the skin.


Unwanted pigmentations can time to time occur on the skin. One of the biggest known causes of those pigmentations is the direct exposure to sun rays, known as ultraviolet rays.


Blood vessels in our body and vitally vital veins are built around our body as a network.


Laser hair removal is the name of the process in which laser beams are used to permanently get rid of hair and hairs that occur in various parts of the body.


Stem cell or in other saying Fibrocell treatment is a treatment method getting cells from patient’s own tissue.


Mesotheraphy is a treatment that generally regenerates the old skin cells, improves the brightness of the skin and tightens the cells on the skin.


PRP is an effective treatment to prevent the wrinkles on the skin. This treatment increases the flexibility and brightness of the skin and keeps its young looks.


Hair loss is the thinning, local or complete loss of hair. It can occur in females and males of any age. It is mainly harmless but sometimes may be an indicator or a side effect of a disease.


Face lifting by using rope techniques have been increasingly used in recent years.


With the recent development of technology, there have been many changes in radiofrequency systems.


All over the world, scientists are always seeking innovations.


It is an application that works completely focused on fat, selects the oil in the area and makes it disappear by decreases it equally.


One of the issues that people feel uncomfortable about is excessive perspiration, which is called hyperhidrosis.


Acoustic wave therapy is a system that uses the body's own natural mechanisms.